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I don't know what that is, so probably not

thats my bad, here is the new link

So Ryver Nymph was spelled that way on purpose. Mostly just because I though it was interesting for both words to use a "y". Though I do like the idea that it was the name of the place they were discovered.

So with the silver dust. If you fail the save you gain the arousal based effects. Then with the d4 if you roll a 1 you are also "high" like you would be on other drugs. Similar to weed or mushrooms.

I do not currently have any plans to add additional subclasses. I don't have anything against those classes however while writing the book I couldn't think of any good subclasses that would utilize the new mechanics or at the very least fit the sexual themes. If demand is high enough (and if people suggest potential sexual subclasses for those classes) maybe I would make an addition. But as of now I would not expect any additions.

Ok so I can see how this could be a bit confusing. I changed some of these rules last minute so the formatting of the pages was already done, limiting the space I had to go into extra detail.

Firstly the Sex(dex) rolls are just to determine how good you are at pleasing your partner. So basically how good you are at sex in this particular encounter. This is more relevant in a roleplaying sense and less in a mechanical one. For instance if you are sleeping with someone to gain information then better sex will mean more information etc.

(Originally I wanted the Sex(dex) roll to affect your partners Composure(con) rolls, adding or subtracting time. But I couldn't find a way to do it that wasn't needlessly complicated)

Next your Composure(con) roll determines how long you can last before climax. Males have to wait after climax before they can get aroused again (10-15 minutes) but females can continue the sex immediately after their first climax. So if the male finishes first, it is likely that the female will not get to climax at all. Males can continue to pleasure their partner with their hands or toys after climax but they cannot gain arousal during this time.

If a female climaxes before their partner they can roll Composure(con) again to see if they can climax again. (though I didn't write it down in the book I would probably make subsequent composure rolls at disadvantage if you already climaxed during that sexual encounter)

And it should be noted that these mechanics are specific to sex outside of combat. Combat sex has a completely different system of rules. So stuff like arousal points don't really come up in regular sex. I hope this all clarifies things.

I feel like I broke something? I did the first bit of shoe training and they said to get higher heels, but now I cant put any shoes on at all. If I remove the ones im currently wearing I cant even put them back on?

I have actually found a few typos since uploading it last. A few double spaces, random commas etc. Nothing worth a full reupload, but still. Thanks for letting me know.

hey, I just wanted to say that I love your games. great art, solid game play 10/10

I have taken your advise and updated the rules around combat sex. I think this system will work better. Please let me know what you think about the update when you get the chance.