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Got to the third chapter in my first sitting! It's incredibly charming. The art and the humor speak to eachother really well, and I laughed and snickered at quite a few moments.

My only feedback is it felt a bit battle heavy (I chose the middle difficulty option)- I did enjoy the battle system a lot! But there were some parts where I feel like the pacing of it was "too many battles in too short of a time between making progress". I think specifically in the second forest zone- I should've written it down but forgot :\

Anyways, thank you for making this, I will keep playing and look forward to your final release!


I think I get what you mean, yeah. I can think of a bunch of encounters that I could probably take out without losing anything,  though that would mean that quite a few monsters will only show up in a single encounter, and I'd have to deal with the EXP curve again. Not that I can't work with that, but I worry it might feel a bit weird. I'll give it a look at least, thanks a bunch for the feedback!

I will say though: on the standard difficulty level, you can definitely run past/away from a significant number of encounters and still beat most of the bosses without too much of a struggle, if that helps any