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i was thinking about how to improve/add more content to the research table aswell as possibilities within the game. i've been noticing that when a bit further in the game the general need for plastic goes down whilest they do always end up in my collection net, i feel like a good way to expand the research table aswell as dealing with the plastic. is to create a new researchable the ''chemistry set'' in wich you can turn a glass into chemistry cups (and perhaps use other materials for other chemistry components) and in real life you can turn plastic back into oil, or a different liquid fuel. so with a chemistry set in game, and therefor unlocking the ability to make oil and other potential substances we can expand the list of things to research/build like for example having oil and fuel as a requirement for a motor that can drive your boat.

also perhaps other materials that can be converted by the use of a chemistry set, maybe materials that arent yet in the game but can be found on or around islands in the future.

im looking forward to seeing new suggestions regarding the idea of a chemistry set.