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This is very clever! I  like it! and unfortunately so's  just a simple game with a lot to say... I need to learn about hacks on bitsy,  so many possibilities ^^

Oh thank you! The game is just something small I made for that one simple message but I thought it was an important one, and I'm glad you agree with it.  Yeah yeah, hacks can really expand what you can do!! Are you on the Bitsy Discord? They can help, and for references, here is a link to where all the hacks are kept: . And here is a link to Borksy, which is a tool used to make it easier to add in hacks (I use this since I'm not so great at programming and I'm lazy :P):


yeah I'm in the discord, it's great, there's a lot of knowledge in there. 

And thanks for the links, now are in my bookmarks, may be my next bitsy game will have some hacks :P