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I love how you use the engine and the combat system mostly, but I was turned off by a large amount of bugs, some of them game-breaking, starting with first minutes of the game. There are passability errors, wrong effects for artifacts, the fade out effect that never fades in, and the first cutscene has a good chance to permafreeze you in place if you move in the wrong direction. These are just a couple I've remembered.

I think you really need to playtest it better, even if it's just a demo,

Good luck with the game, hope to see it finished someday!

Super valuable feedback! Next time I will spent more time on polishing those aspects,  with this release the full game is still in development, so your input definitely helps! Though it is still a rough demo, I will keep working on it until it is a completed, nearly bug free and revamped experience before the full release, and its inherent full build demo!

Thanks for being so positive about it. I love the work you do and your battlers <3 keep doing great things!