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Great work.  I thought of something that with the setting/timeline of the game.  Ben and company somehow being pulled into an alternate version of the Grim Fairy tales.  Besides dealing with animals turned monsters having to deal with actual monsters from the tales.  Gaining apparels from the stories like for example who thinks Orange would look cute dressed as Little Red Riding Hood?

Sorry not trying to be pushy just the thought came to me and I wanted to share the idea.

Very nice idea, but for the next project I'll change the setting completely... or almost. I want to do something more "sci-fi".

But I might keep it in mind for a future, thank you very much.

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So will it following the Alien Abduction ending or will it be a completely a different game?


TRON Style: into the "cybernet".

And you decide like what kind of species of furry girls you gonna choose or still thinking?

Not at the moment, but there will be more variety than this.