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You have sex with Yin and Yang together, first you put it in one sister, then the other. Afterwards go back to Jackalope who will cast magic on you.

Wow! You are good 👍

You can post it here, or if you have a twitter account you can tag me, find me @DOGames7.

Thanks to you

Thank you very much!

Outside the house...

If it was the demo you'd better start it again.

You have to find the Glossy black leather, go to Fluffy's, after the scene talk to Clayre.

If you want more options, there is an anal plug in Yin's room.

I can't solve this problem.

Try starting the game as administrator, or re-download it and put it in a different folder.

No, I'm sorry. As an NPC, he has to maintain a certain anonymity.


Sorry, I didn't realise.

Now you can.

You're right, for this game it's a bit hard to do, I'll keep that in mind for the new Project Cybernet game.

Yeah, @DOGames7

Use Blinky's skill, keep going and at the end he will give you a prize to help you.

Damn it! I'm not putting puzzles in the next game!

I'm so sorry...

In theory, if you leave the room everything should reset. I've tried it several times and it works, I don't know why it doesn't work for you.

Follow the fireflies after the first pass

did you load the save from a previous version?

I thought the statue puzzle was easy and it took me a short time. Instead it keeps having problems. I thought I had it solved: if you leave the room the statues position resets but not the position counter, messing up the result. I thought I'd solved it but apparently I haven't. Sorry I don't know how to solve it anymore.

I know I'm out of touch, but I'm in the 'conceptual' phase.

I still find time to do some doodling.

I know it is unbalanced, but these are all aspects that I will take into account in the next project.

Everything is still in a 'conceptual' phase now. As soon as I have something to show you I will.

My fault, simple typo.

A-lin is a "secret" character so he's not part of the normal party. Who remembers the old FF7? Vincent and Yuffie weren't in the final cutscenes because they were optional.

Please, my game just wants to be fun and horny, not a battle between genders.

I just expressed my perversions and I'm glad you share them.

As for homosexual scenes, if it turns me on in the future I may include them as options in the next project.

Really? Oops...

Use the Blinky ability, it will give you hints to find the first one and then the other 2.

I don't understand, I've fixed these bugs and retested 20 times. I don't know why it still doesn't work. It doesn't give me or others any problems.

Manually. Go to the game folder/www/saves, then copy-paste

Ver 1.2.2

Latest bug fixes:

- Jackalope's sex scene number 2 is re-perishable (but only if you haven't already given him liquorice).

- Haunted Mansion, the kitchen ghost doesn't return after killing him.

- Minor graphical glitches.

- The Luminous Ring is equipable.

Thank you very much for your comment.

The scene in which Valkiry is "doing" herself is counted.

Thank you very much for the compliments!

It works. A little help, after the first passage north, follow the fireflies.

I think I messed up that ring a bit.

I'll have to check, because it was supposed to be wearable, to be used in the fight with the witch (one of the few bosses that does spells).

You must go to Jackalope and have him teleport you to the starting forest (the one where you met Orange).

Thank you very much!

Nope...The ring should only counteract spells, but is not necessary to find the witch. However, you equip it as a good luck charm.

I'm working on a new project, but I don't want to give too many spoilers.

Not at the moment, but there will be more variety than this.

TRON Style: into the "cybernet".

Fullscreen is not possible, or everything would get messy.

The boss theme is the Battle 3 track from the RPGMaker MV library XD