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You must have with you a character who uses magic as a skill, if you don't have anyone go ahead in the game and you will have the right bunny for that job.

It's probably a Lenovo software problem, I wouldn't know how to get around it quickly but if you want to recommend an easy way tell them to download the app. Since it acts as a launcher it should avoid all these problems.

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Hi... what version of RPGMAker is needed for this Plug In, because my Plug In Command selection screen doesn't give me the option to select the Plug In and of course it doesn't work... I am using RPG Maker MV.

It is the launcher for the app, without that file it cannot start from there.

is an RPGMaker error for a missing file or code.

Try downloading it again, but remember to make a copy of the saves from the www/save folder.

Strange, I just checked again, if you have all 19 images and you look at any one of them it should tell you to go to Clayre and there it gives you the 20... everything looks fine, I don't know why it doesn't give it to you....

Try re-downloading it again using the app.

Find all the DO! ART and look at them... if you don't know where they are, use Blinky's skill until he gives you a list...

down, up, left, right... if it does not work, red button and try again.

I understand you, I am Italian and I have a lot of difficulties too. I'm sorry but I don't think I can create a Chinese version....

Thanks for the report

  • fixed
  • strange, it should work...
  • fixed
  • fixed (now you can no longer teleport until you finish the scene)

As soon as I have a moment to post the changes

the game does not require installation, unless you use the app. Just start the 'game' application in the folder.

Try using the app

Try installing the Itch application, download it and play it from there.

down, up, left, right... if it does not work, red button and try again.


Jackalope (like Blinky and Valkiry) requires specific requirements to unlock the third scene.

You have to unlock Yin and Yang's threesome scene by banging first one and then the other bunny.

Then go back to talk to Jackalope.

Thank you very much! That would be great!

The button resets the position, you must look at the base of the statues in the temple and the other statues in the shrine.

I actually forgot to update the image at start-up. The one you download is the latest version anyway.

O botão repõe a posição, é necessário olhar para a base das estátuas no templo e para as outras estátuas no santuário.

Thank you very much!

For now I'm trying to see how much I can do on my own, and I'm still working on tilesets.

One thing that is missing in bunny hunter is a gallery option, do you know how I can put it in Project Cybernet for RPG Maker MV?

I wanted to create a room (like a hub) where you can move around and see all the pictures and events, but I was wondering if there was an option to put it in the start menu or allow you to teleport, but then be able to go back to where you were before.

Thank you very much!

I'm working on another RPG under the provisional name Project Cybernet.

maybe in the future

HAHAhahaha, grazie per la birra e Buon Natale XD

right-click on the 'game' icon, run as administrator

is a Japanese-style RPG like Bunny Hunter. But this time I am redesigning everything and it will be much bigger and more extensive, with an explorable map.

Lots of fuckable Npc's and better drawn sex scenes and I was thinking of adding audio tracks like in Bunnygotchi.

The combat system will focus on resistance and vulnerability to certain elements called 'codes'.

try starting the game as administrator

Try starting the game as administrator or downloading it via the itch app

it is now OK

remember to back up your saves from the game's www/save folder and try to re-download it

copy the files from the www/save game folder

There is a problem with rpg maker, alterations should last 3 turns maximum but sometimes they last indefinitely.

I remove the stun from the first fight, otherwise it's too difficult.

You are right, for some reason an old bug has been restored.

I will now correct it.

Not in this game. Maybe in the next one.

You probably do not have the programme to unpack the file. Try downloading the itch app and using that.

I tried an android publication but it gives a lot of errors.

is the font, it is the same in both lower and upper case.

Guarda che questo gioco è una cazzata (non dovrei neanche considerarlo "gioco").

Poco più di una gallery scrausa, non sta darmi soldi per questo.