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You can open "%LOCALAPPDATA%\SuperCrateBoxTogether" in Explorer, open "controls.ini" with notepad, and edit controls to whatever you want.

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My gamepads are well recognized in Wine but dont seems to work in the game, how can i edit the controls.ini ? Thanks in advance :) name=Gamepad 1 left=-gamepad1x right=+gamepad1x
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Is that on Mac or Linux? The path would usually be like  /.wine/drive_c/users/<your name>/AppData/Local/SuperCrateBoxTogether/controls.ini. Using directory search would also seem like a good option, as the directory name doesn't change under Wine.

Edit: If  that question is about what the format is, try changing gamepad1 to gamepad5 for DirectInput. I'm not entirely sure if this game was compiled with a sufficiently new version of GameMaker to support that though, but worth a shot. In worst case could set controls to keyboard buttons and then run something to map gamepad actions to keyboard.