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I've thought of some more improvements and additions since my last comment:

The goat leg on the roof of Lex & Tim's car.

See your character's body on screen when you look down to the ground and see the arm and hand when you perform an action like opening the car or bathroom door. See the flashlight model on screen held in your character's hands when you use it.

You hear your character scream in pain for a few seconds when you're eaten.

Change the ground to mud that the characters and dinosaur can leave footprints in. The current version looks more like concrete. Here's some footage from Lego Jurassic World that shows how it should look:

Footage starts around 6:58.

If you get out of the car right at the beginning of the demo when Rexy is breaking out it will interrupt that scripted animation and Rexy will attack you right away (i feel this is actually a better idea than locking the player in the car until the animation plays out like i previously suggested).

An optional objective where you can try to save Gennaro before saving the kids and bring him with you to their car.

The tunnel the cars drove through on the approach to the T-rex paddock. Here's a pic of it: 
That picture also shows that the fence stops where the cliff is.

Its pupil should get smaller like in the movie when you shine the flashlight in its eye (as well as reacting to the flashlight in general as i suggested in a previous comment). Also you should have to get the flashlight out of the attache case where the flares are instead of already having it when the demo begins. There's a video here to help with modelling and texturing:

Its foot should knock you to the ground if it walks into you when you're standing still. But not actually kill you.

The dinosaur should hear you if you walk or run right behind it.

This is kind of nitpicking but the numbers on the cars should be 4 and 5.

Nitpicking again - reflections in the car mirrors.

The ripples in the glasses of water in the cars are broken in the updated version (with the goat on the main menu), they're now just white squares that appear when there's a footstep and then shrink away. Also the text on the main menu is half way off the screen in the goat menu version.

In a previous comment i suggested render resolution option for people with Intel HD graphics. I found out how to add custom resolutions to the Intel HD control panel so that previous suggestion doesn't matter anymore. I also got my Xbox One controller working with the game by using the Xpadder software.

I'm thankful for what you have made so far but with all the extra stuff added it could be phenomonal.