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It would be great to see a tamerlane chess adaptation, and well, vertical mode for it, playing chess horizontal is weird


First of all thanks for the feedback. I highly appreciate it, that you took your time to help me with some suggestions 😊👍

For the vertical chess l, yes I'll put that on my Todo list, you are not the only one wanting this.

For Tamerlane variant, I have to say it is sadly not possible for this game. I use a  stockfish implementation, which only supports standard chess.

When I someday have finished this project, I have already planned a second game with more variants but a weaker self build AI.


I haven't played it yet but I like the fact that it is horizantal. It makes it unique and it's an interesting twist on an ancient game. I wan't to play it out of curiousity.

I prefer the horizontal way too. It reminds me of old strategy and rpg games, like final fantasy. It will stay the default ;)
But for the majority of people wanting the vertical movement it's now added as optional way to play.

Aaaaand it's done. You are now able to switch the board perspective in the options menu.


domo arigatou mr robotto