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according to the comment section noone has addressed my problem

the game won't close unless you end it's process in task manager if you want to end it outside the game

also why does it even need a process to keep it running

does it really crash that often

This happens when you try to open something outside of game (such as pressing the windows key or having another program open on top while you are playing a game. Maybe turning a second screen too). 

When this happens, you just press ctrl+alt+delete and then click cancel, it's a failsafe for eduke to exit in case a game gets your computer stuck. The other way to exit the game is to just hit enter and press exit, if you are not stuck.

Additionally, if anyone had the same problem as me, where your screen was higher than the resolution you set or higher than your pc, just set a lower resolution. It's different for each pc and the best resolution it's usually the largest, unless you want the 4:3 black bars on each side style