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love this game so much, the atmosphere of the game really drawn me in with the artstyle, music and the freedom of choice.

i played the beta twice and still want more!! cant wait for the full release!

i hope the full release will have a "sandbox" gameplay after the story is finished because by playing the beta i realised its all story driven and can't progress until the illegal item or illegal activity its over.

i dont know if its possible, but i hope i can help my "son" get laid. HAHA

and please add drag and drop feature for items in the user interface when i am stealing >;D

overall rating?... wait for the full release.

just kidding, it might be in beta but i still think its a masterpiece!

Hi frail,

Thank you for such warm words. Yeah we got a lot of suggestions regarding "sandbox mode" and it's not a really hard to implement from a technical side but it's really hard to make this mode interesting for players. So we decide to focus on story driven quests. May be we will add this mode in future.

BTW, "son" will have his own unique qest lines and they are really intersting :-)