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Talk about nerve wrecking when you begin the game! This is a solid product that is fun to play, scary as hell at times, and a treat for people that loved The Simpson's! My self included! With that being said, I couldn't get past the 2nd level haha :[ I think there is promise if you're quick and luck is on your side. But since I only got to the 2nd level, I only have feedback for that level: I feel like there isn't a substantial amount of time to sooth Maggie while watching out for Marge. I get it that it's random, but I had Maggie start crying 4 times back-to-back with a few seconds in between during an attempt. She just would not let me leave the room which lead to Marge getting me. If this level can be that difficult, I can only imagine the other 2. But like I said, I feel like there might be promise if luck and quickness is on your side!

Great work!