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Hmm, interesting, gonna see if we can reproduce that. What happens if you start the game? Can you still navigate your mouse?

Thanks for the quick reply!. I can still move the mouse its just when I go to the settings, and click controls, it takes me to the audio, and it doesn't let me do anything else except carry on the game, where I have to esc to attack, which would be a bit annoying.

I think I was able to reproduce this, we may have accidentally let you set a mouse key as a key binding in the game. Just fixed that, in the next update we'll ensure this cannot happen anymore. 

As for how to fix your situation... can you still use arrow keys and Enter to navigate through the menu? That way, navigate to Settings -> Controls -> check Keyboard and then select Set buttons P1 -> Reset to default. If this doesn't work, contact us directly and I'll think of a custom fix.

Ok ill try, top notch service by the way, some developers take ages to respond :)