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Unsung Warriors

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Thanks a bunch for the encouraging comment!

We don't have plans for that, but you can try Parsec or Steam's Remote Play Together to play with a friend!

Sorry to hear! What kind of error do you get?

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And we've just forwarded to v1.1.3, which improves the tree collider in the shrine and fixes a rare game freeze in the throne room.

Thanks for the playthrough video! Always fun to see people playing our game!

Wow nice, you've probably unlocked all the weapons then, or you might have found the cave with names on the wall. If you want your name up there head over to our Kickstarter campaign. We've also uploaded new screenshots and a new trailer there.

And we've added 1.1.2, which contains a bugfix in the pig's behaviour

Thanks! You can help this game become a reality by backing the Crowdfunding campaign in 15 days.

In the main menu, under Settings -> Controls, assign the correct controller to the correct player.

Also, if you like what you're playing, consider subscribing to our crowdfunding campaign :)

Unsung Warriors: a Story Driven Action-Platformer by Osarion & Mountaineer — Kickstarter

And we've just published, which fixed a bug wrt respawning in 2 player mode.

Hi there, you definitely have permission to broadcast your gameplay. Happy playing!

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We don't have a 32 bit build on due to technical reasons. You can however get a 32 bit build on Steam

Thanks for your kind words :). Not release date yet! We're working on it in our spare time, so it's hard to give a planning. You can subscribe to our news letter to stay up to date:

Hi. Thanks for your suggestions. We're not changing the prologue anymore, as we're fully focussed on working on the full game. Some things (like skipping cutcenes) will likely be included, other things (such as jump distance) are a matter of personal preference, of which the current setting suits best our vision for the game. Hope this keeps you excited :) 

Thanks, that's great to hear! We're taking your suggestion on board for the full game.

We hope to release for Early Access somewhere in 2019 or 2020!

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Hi, thanks for your kind words! For our controllers, we're using an external package called Rewired. On their list of supported controllers, I see PS3 is only supported on bluetooth using a driver. Hope that helps! Also note that we're not affiliated with that driver, so know what you're doing!

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We aim to release (in Early Access) somewhere in 2019 or 2020! We have created a mailing list where you'll receive a reminder if the game goes for sale or crowdfunding. We won't use that mailing list for any other purpose.

Not really clear to me what the error is. Can you send a screenshot via mail ( You can also try to download the game directly from the, website, to see if that mitigates the problem.

Thank you so much!

That's odd. It should work. Are you using the itch client or are you downloading it directly? Where do you get the message that your PC isn't compatible?

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Thanks! If you want to stay up to date or even be involved in the creation of the full game, please support our Kickstarter campaign!

We use an automated mechanism to update our builds, which unfortunately doesn't allow for a distinction between 32 and 64 bit for Windows. On Steam and Gamejolt a 32bit version is available.

Thanks! Although a matter of personal preference, I share the opinion that DS4 is the best controller for this game, because I personally prefer playing 2D games with the dpad, and the DS4 has the dpad in a more prominent position.

It will be local only. We will try to support services like parsec for peers with very low latency, but ideally you would play this together on the couch.

Great to hear! The campaign runs until 18 February but the sooner you  back, the closer to the entrance your name will appear in the Cavern of Names.

Nice video! And thanks for the support at the end :)

Nicely done! Haha, there's no escaping the Skeleton Boss unfortunately...

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Thanks! Be sure to check out our Kickstarter for campaign for the creation of the full game!

Haha, glad you've made it to the finish line! I guess we should UP the difficulty level then. ;P

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Glad you liked it!

Thanks! We're releasing an update today, along with our Kickstarter campaign!

Thanks for the kind words! Nice to hear you liked the demo.

Great to hear! 15 January we'll start the Kickstarter campaign.

Nice, was fun to see. Great perseverance during the collapse section :). Hopefully you were able to beat the boss as well!

Thanks, great to hear!

We're gonna look into it. Luckily it doesn't impact gameplay!

Thanks! When we launch the kickstarter on 15 January 2019, the demo will get updated with some extra (small) areas to showcase our artwork. Sneak preview can already be found in the dev log and our news letter.

Thanks! You surely showed those skeletons (e.g 4:48 and 11:30)!

Great playthrough, and thanks for your kind words!

Thanks, great to hear! Stay tuned for our crowd funding campaign on 15 January - 18 February 2019!