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Unsung Warriors

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Thanks! Be sure to stay tuned for the Kickstarter Campaign, 15 January 2019!

Regards from two Rick and Morty fans

In the menu, go to Settings -> Controls. Select the controller of the player you want to change and hit "Set buttons P*". There you can assign custom keys to actions. I'd recommend you to update to 0.3 which we released one hour ago, as it fixes a rare bug on assigning controls.

Thanks for playing and also for sharing the video! All the videos contain valuable info to finetune the difficulty.

Sorry about that, the bug has been fixed and will be pushed to production soon. For now, if you use the arrow key and the Enter button, you should be able to navigate the menu. That way, navigate to Settings -> Controls -> check Keyboard and then select Set buttons P1 -> Reset to default.

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Thanks for reporting, I was able to reproduce it. Will try to fix that on the next update.

Thanks for the kind words and video! Loved to see you fight the boss and try out different tactics.

Good find! We're going to look into that.

Thanks! Glad that you liked the demo. We also had fun developing this game, hopefully (after the crowdfunding campaign) we can turn this into a full-fledged title.


Cool that you've tried to translate the runic text... In the next update, there will be a different text on the wall. :)

Thanks for sharing your video! 

Thanks for your kind words! 

The feedback on getting out of the water we got more often. We're going to attempt to fix that in an upcoming version. 

Wow, SNES, that's retro :). There are several connectors for SNES I see. Can you check if your controller is on this list?

Thanks! Be sure to check out the final bits of the crypt for a more metroidvania feel. Now that you have bombs, there is still a secret left to discover!

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Hmm, that's quite an exotic combination :). We're using Rewired, which supports a lot of controllers.  Unfortunately, not all controllers are known to be 100% compatible with every system. We'll update to a new version in the near future, hoping that that fixes it. 

Thanks for your kind words. About the delivery date of the full game: that depends on the succes of our crowd funding campaign. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

Thanks for the compliments! Someone else was having the same problem, but then the other way around. Can you tell us what controller you have, on which OS?

I think I was able to reproduce this, we may have accidentally let you set a mouse key as a key binding in the game. Just fixed that, in the next update we'll ensure this cannot happen anymore. 

As for how to fix your situation... can you still use arrow keys and Enter to navigate through the menu? That way, navigate to Settings -> Controls -> check Keyboard and then select Set buttons P1 -> Reset to default. If this doesn't work, contact us directly and I'll think of a custom fix.

Hmm, interesting, gonna see if we can reproduce that. What happens if you start the game? Can you still navigate your mouse?

Thanks! We're working on a fix. The exploit will be gone in the next update.

Yes, if the upcoming crowdfunding campaign is a success. We would like to release the game on Itch and on Steam.

6 hours? That's a remarkable display of perseverance. :)

Sharply spotted. Fixed it! Will be pushed to production in the next update.

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The full game has a heavy adventuring aspect. It's quest based. You travel to locations on a world map. 

The locations itself are levels like the one you've played in the demo. Some levels have multiple exits and can be visited multiple times.

Hmm, I tried it on serveral PC's but I was not able to reproduce this. The d-pad (and the stick) work on all PC's with my DS4. Also not using any additional software. Maybe you can try it on a different PC and see if it works there? Or try connecting by bluetooth? 

Hi, thanks! We don't any 32 bit hardware to test it on. Could you contact us? Then we can provide you with a 32bit download. If it works for you, we'll consider making it generally available.

Thanks for your feedback! Good to hear you enjoyed it!

Online Multiplayer is not in our scrope. With the current set up of the game, that's too complex for a team of 2 devs to implement. Let alone ensuring maintenance and security. Couch coop is a good opportunity to meet up with your friends though :).

Danke! Was able to brush up on my German a little :)

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Please wait with filing a dispute, we're looking into things as we speak. I will get back on this today.

Edit: I've written a blog poston the matter. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know!

Good find! We're going to fix that.

Great playthrough guys! The collapsing crypt part is hilarious! There are not many co-op video's out there. Thanks for this one!

Thanks for the kind words!  Good idea about exchanging gold/items between players.  We'll take that into consideration.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I had not expected this would happen. I bought a license for this song, so I'm going to take it up with the vendor. The song was specifically marketed as suitable for games, so I would assume that includes gameplay videos. Will get back to this asap.

Meanwhile, if you still want to keep your video, you can have the song removed by Google's AI. The other audio will still be there.

We're sorry about this, we'll do our best to fix it.

Aw, that's quite an annoying bug, sorry about that. What OS (win/mac/linux) are you using to play? Any specific controllers or  just keyboard? Will do our best to reproduce and fix. At least happy that you liked the rest :).

Ow, I play on PS4 controller myself and I think it's the best way to play it, so definitely want to fix that for you. Could you tell us how you connect your controller (wired, bluetooth...) and what hardware you're using (win/mac/linux)? Then I can try to reproduce it.

Yay, we're rich! ;)

Thanks for playing! Nice to see you found your way to the secret area. Also appreciate the feedback. If you follow us here or subscribe to one of our channels ( then you'll be notified when the crowd funding goes live.

Thanks for playing! You could make it easier on yourself by using a shield (hold x on keyboard or left bumper on controller). 

The demo is available for PC, Linux and Mac. It was made with Unity.

Nice, I really like your voice acting! And thanks for the constructive feedback. Here's my constructive response :).

We do indeed support (many) controllers, should be plug and play. We also allow you to set up your custom key bindings, even on keyboard (can be found under settings). So be sure to try what suits you best and let us know!

Liked the idea of the loadout swapping for keyboard. It's already possible to quickly toggle your range attack. Would be something worth considering for after the crowd funding (no promises made). 

The air control is indeed an intentional choice. By making it a bit slower, you favor precision at expense of speed. It is a tradeoff, but particularly useful if we up the difficulty on platforming a bit in certain sections of the full game.

And too bad you didn't find the secret room. That would've allowed you to use a certain item on a certain stone ;). You can view it at some of your colleagues on youtube. Eitherway, thanks again for the careful analysis and feed back!