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Hi, glad to see an update.

I was fighting some aliens stuff, it was going "fine".

Then, the game crashed later during  the combat. An alien shot one of my guy, and poof.

[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.244] [launch] error while launching c79b4440-e6b5-43b5-92f1-ec1b0d7075d4: killed by signal SIGSEGV

[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.249] [launch] crashed with killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.249] [launch] killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.250] [diego] diego here, looking around

I'm on Linux Mint

Thanks for the report. I haven't seen this on my Ubuntu machine, but I'll try and dig up an old laptop this weekend and install Mint and see if I run into any new issues.