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SHoonBee: No. Kinda. depends on your choice. When she hired, Everybody in Van Elektronische, see that she has no CONNECC. when attempt, it will error. Because she has no CONNEC. just look at it. she gonna come to Zeni and.... yeah that's gonna happening.

Oh. I see. she absents CONNECC. I believe it flew somewhere. Maybe UPHEAD or DOWNHEAD or around this world, idk.

most importantly, we do need to... CONTACT!! Hope I got in. There's so much schedule. And this, will be put right after somearound of CONTACTs. Yeah, My proposals are so many. and those proposals are insane! Other dudes' fan project I would say. gonna be MONET blasting over those dudes (if required at all or optionally or maybe has some dudes is kind (no ask MONET if not make MONET e.g.) even to such big fan project). yes. Expensive. but I faith, and must be, WORKING.

SHoonBee: I pray for you. Let God send all bless to you guys.

Thanks man! this is gonna be...


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CodeOfConduct: (FirstTrainEngine)(second verb of something that gives energy to object)dot(commonly used American extension) salesh (something that runs on a computer and is abbreviated here) salesh (moress text thing that has number which dashes are actually zero, and they are between 2 companies that deals with it)