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Hi! I jsut wanted to send some feedback on your game. I have just recently picked it up and I have enjoyed my time playing. I found myself going 3 hours non-stop playing. The game has a certain charm that I like. I enjoy the music that you added, atmosphere, combat, and the vast amount of exploration.  To be honest, it took me a few tries to understand combat but I got the hang of it shortly. I have noticed a few bugs such as the time I got stuck climbing a hill and ended up inside of a tree. Also I came across a giant tree by a river and the boss protecting it was nowhere to be seen. I later found out that the poor guy was stuck in the river and just died. I got free gold and the chest from it, but I was looking forward to the combat. I also noticed that there is an occasional freeze but nothig too terrible. I can't wait to see more customization and multiplayer to be added.  

I am really happy you enjoyed the game. 

Currently I am working on making the game more solid (less crashes, fixing the bugs that you mentioned, better performance, etc). 

Sadly multiplayer nor customization are planned to be worked on soon, instead I am focusing on more worldbuilding, structures and improving the world so adventuring is less tedious and there are more things to do. Any ideas you may want to share about this are appreciated :D 

Thanks for the feeback!