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Thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Plot thickened from, "I think I've seen this before" to "interesting" when the party discovered one of the members' gravestone and concluded the dungeon was formed from their collective memories.

Love the battle system with the hearts and stars. Having all attacks revolve around damage in increments of 1-4 requires a different way of managing damage output across enemies.

I wish the system behind the multiple hits were a bit better explained.

Seeing lots of potential with effects and artifacts. It seemed almost too easy at first, but definitely hit the sweet spot of difficult but not impossible for the last 5 or so maps and the boss fight.

Had minor issues with the UI. The height of the overall monster graphics is too large, forcing their status icons off the top of the window. 

The boss monster's Stars were squished to the same line as its hearts and looked a bit odd. I am guessing they should have displayed one above the other?

Monster select boxes are not large enough to play the game entirely with a mouse or touchscreen.

I'm not such a fan of using a separate key for all the jumping. Feels like you're robbing yourself of an opportunity to deploy on mobile and tablet devices by requiring a keyboard.