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Hello! I liked this game. Few bits of feedback in case you want to revisit such a game in the future!

- I had some sensitivity issues. I think it might be my mouse but it was super slow. I fixed it when I manually changed my mouse sensitivity. Would like an option to mess around it. 

- The platforming gems bit was slightly painful cause the turret was shooting through the level geometry. Also the stairs had a bit of area behind it and you can get stuck in it pretty easily. Same goes for Boss. More frustrating than difficult (nobody can hit you there so it's just like - aaah no). 

- Guns felt great but the enemies were bullet spongey. That said I loved the dynamic of shooty guys, and guys that run at you. Those fire guys didn't seem to be able to do anything though!

- Loved the boss. 

I just wish there was more there! But I really did enjoy the feeling of the game. 

Thanks a lot for all your feedback ! This is very valuable to us  :)
We'll update the game asap for a more user friendly version with much more feedbacks !
We'll try to make other levels as we have the architecture now !