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Very nice so far! The story is interesting so far. The characters are all very nice, and the art is also very well done. Is the protag supposed to have red skin? Because on my monitor, their skin seems a soft reddish.  And Lisia's skin too, is purplish. Not like that's a bad thing, though! It's rather neat to look at. 

I really like the clothes everyone is wearing.  The protag's outfit is especially snazzy. I had a good laugh at Cordelian's sunglasses, too. Marco's outfit has a nice contrast, with the mostly black suit, the dark purple highlights and the golden cravat. I feel those colors go very well together.

The only thing I didn't like was the sound that played when I moused over save games or menu options-the BING BING noise. It was very loud, and made me jump.