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Is ~ its own key on your keyboard? Having to press alt+¨ and then another key to have the tilde execute (as one would, trying to type ñ, for example) is not a terribly long command input, but not as flawless as the rest of the one-touch keys!

I agree with Schmidt that it would be nice if the text scrolled down, but simply pressing the down key soon turned second nature.

I want you to know how much I love cycle A for what it is and I'll probably save it in order to preserve it as it moves forward. (I especially adore how, as the rooms are unknown, That Room Which Begins With An A came at us out of nowhere.) Thank you for sharing Nectar Thief with us in this stage!

I found that I could press the ` key without alt/shift and it still worked fine for me (I'm using a Macbook, so Windows might be different). 

Yes, they are different keys on my keyboard (which is a Scandinavian PC qwerty type) c:

On the Italian keyboards ~ is not even present.. Ineed to switch the keyboard to US or to press Alt+1+2+3 to insert the ASCII code. I would go with a different button, maybe a letter (e.g. E=examine or L=look).