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Awesome! I'm not planning on a non-steam version, but you should be able to play with steam in offline mode if that helps.

Shame... Offline mode doesn't usually help me, since it deauthorises all the time, especially when I'm keen to play something! Thanks anyway.

Had my first play session, and the little touches since your game jam version really improve the feel of the matches. Nice work!

Ah, you're right. It used to let you play if steam was opened, even if you weren't logged in (ie.. sitting on the log-in popup) . But I tried that and it doesn't work now.  Shame, I don't really want the DRM stuff, just to use steam's matchmaking features when available.   I probably won't do a non-steam build for now though, just because I want to keep it clear which is the paid version.

A couple of years later... any chances of a non-Steam version?