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Played the demo, and it was incredible. I already feel absorbed into this world! The powerful color effects really stand out and the environment feels "real" in a way that makes me want to explore every tiny nook and cranny. The user interface is gorgeous and feels really solid, and it contributes to the feeling that this game is a retro-futuristic cross between Metroid and Alien.

I appreciate that my non-Xbox controller is not treated as second-class, although it would be better if I could simply tell the game which style of buttons I have (cross, square, etc.)

Fantastic work, I am looking forward to the game's release.

Hey, thanks for trying the demo. I'm glad you like it. :)

I have put "controller button style" on the to-do list and I will try to add it, but knowing which controller button does what is a bit of a pain, they always have different IDs on each controller I've tested, so it might not work out.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!