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I’ve been hard at work making more (unusual) weapons!

Some weapons are familiar projectile types with a twist whereas others are more…interesting. Hopefully the variety will encourage players to experiment with more weapon types and find the ones that suit their play-styles.

99999 85

The Popper fires bullets that explode into smaller bullets upon reloading of the gun. It makes for an effective (if albeit chaotic) crowd control weapon.

99999 73

The Void-gun functions in a similar fashion to the aforementioned Popper. It shoots ‘bullets’ that explode into a black-hole like vortex upon reloading. The resulting explosive blast will instantly kill any enemy (unless your damage has been significantly reduced from equipping certain items) but will also damage the player as well. Incredibly powerful, but also incredibly tricky to use.

gun 9

Inspired by Mario’s flower powerup. Although not especially powerful, the Fireball’s ability to bounce a few times before it extinguishes means that it demands less accuracy from the player while ensuring maximum chaos.

99999 8

One of the most unusual weapons in the game in terms of control, because the player's control of the Ring-of-Fire is rather limited. The ring spins entirely by itself, but holding the ‘shoot’ button will increase its range and speed and releasing the button will it to its default state. The Fireball extinguishes itself upon hitting an enemy and do not replenish until all 3 are gone. Very powerful when all 3 fireballs are present, a lot less so when left with only one.

99999 72

The counterpart of the Ring-of-Fire. Unlike the Ring, the Wheel-blade does not extinguish, it trades the Ring-of-Fire's coverage with consistency and reliability.

99999 67

The Boomerang is powerful but can be quite tricky to use. Only throw the Boomerang at the right moment or you'll find yourself defenceless without a weapon on hand. To compensate for its vulnerabilities, the Boomerang will destroy any enemy projectile it touches.

That’s it for today’s weapons update, if you’re interested, please WISHLIST on Steam, that’ll help a lot :)