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It's in our plans! We would love to hear your experience with the game using WINE though, it might be a good alternative in the mean time.
Thank you for playing!


It plays great. I'm using WINE stable 3.0.3 on Debian Stretch (xfce with Xorg). I just manage WINE myself, I don't use any frontends for it like Lutris or PlayOnLinux. It didn't need any extra configuring to get it playing, so a basic clean prefix should work fine. It worked fine on my laptop's mesa setup and my desktop's Nvidia GPU. Typically, Unity games work well under WINE, so no real surprise on my end.

The player character movement looks slightly off, but it's only really noticeable if you deliberately look at it. Good gamepad support hasn't made its way into the stable build of WINE yet, so I just used Antimicro to fill the gap.

Otherwise, I could show it to someone and they'd assume it's running natively. If you need any more information, I'll happily provide it. I've been using nothing but Linux distributions for my own use for 10 years now and have been gaming on them just as long.


Thank you!
It's very useful to know that it works decently. If anyone else asks, we can direct them to your post while we wait for the official port.
If we have any more questions we will definitely let you know!