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I am a huge shoot-em-up fan and these are my thoughts so far. The enemy ship fire is too fast in and too often when the game begins. The player ship is only just about able to find the spaces required and it feels like some cheap deaths. The player ship fire is far too weak to combat what is happenign on-screen. I am absolutely fine with it being like this and getting hectic quickly. but your ship needs to be able to survive and at the moment it feels more like a dodge fest than me taking the game down. The sprites, music and overall aesthetic are fantastic. I hope that you will add a CRT option or filters at the very least. keep this great work up, i am very much looking forward to it's release.

The balance has been tweaked a lot since then and we're still chipping away at it at the moment. Current version is overall a bit easier than this demo, IMO.

In the full game you can unlock several filters, including a few different CRT options, by obtaining high scores.