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I LOVE THIS GAME  SOO MUCH!, even if it was just a demo. It was nice and fun. And I made my friends play as well. They chose to die in purpose, laughed when the "All love fails" tag appeared and had fun playing the game.

Also, they want a regent ending... and they also want to date the assassins, for some weird reason.

Another friend tho, wanted to end up with Prince Aurelius, she was super serious with it, but died. so... TAKE MY MONEY!! (the kickstarter page is still loading btw)
(also, we're all very excited for the full game)

Thank you so much! So happy you and your friends enjoyed it so much ah >//////<!

The "All love fails" tag is our favorite ;) We had a "Nobody loves you" tag for that at first, but thought it might come across as a bit harsh so xD The Regent seems to be a popular candidate for possible routes for some reason xD But the assassins, that's a first!

We will keep doing our best! Thank you so much for the support! :D

Is there an acrylic charm for the Regent? 'Cause if there is I'd totally add more money for that add on. My mom was against buying the CHf 150 and the CHf 100 *sad* so we just settled with the CHf 65 *happy again*.  I'm telling my friends to spend their money as well... FOR HAPPINESS (i'm pretty sure if there was anything related to the assassins, they'll buy it.)

Awe -paps- For the moment, no Regent charm is planned, sorry D; Not sure about the (a bit further) future, maybe we'll come up with something for the side cast because some characters like the Regent do have some request xD 

Thank you so SO much for the support! >w<