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Ow, I play on PS4 controller myself and I think it's the best way to play it, so definitely want to fix that for you. Could you tell us how you connect your controller (wired, bluetooth...) and what hardware you're using (win/mac/linux)? Then I can try to reproduce it.

Sorry about the late response. I have connected my controller via a cable and am not using DS4windows or anything like that. I'm using windows 7 home. 

Hmm, I tried it on serveral PC's but I was not able to reproduce this. The d-pad (and the stick) work on all PC's with my DS4. Also not using any additional software. Maybe you can try it on a different PC and see if it works there? Or try connecting by bluetooth? 

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Yeah, I just tried it with another PC and it worked. Probably something wrong with my drivers or something.