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I didn't expect a 5 minute game to captivate me!
The way you approached horror is interesting to say the least. The fact that the game is actually footage of events is itself scary. The events have happened and the player cannot change them. They can only experience what was recorded, thus they can see the story only from the side of the recorded footage. It's such a great foundation for a game like this!
On top of that the type of gameplay/mechanics you chose are fitting the atmosphere. The environment and the sound are there to set the mood and make the player feel vulnerable, since it's unknown what will happen next. At the same time the events are already recorded so it's even more unsettling. It's that kind of horror that is missing from games lately. You managed to do what many devs fail to do in just 5 minutes.
Visually the game is gorgeous! The post-process effect is incredibly convincing and subtle. It's there to remind you that this is a recording, while giving the game this uncanny feel. The models, textures and shaders are top notch too! Generally there is a lot of polish for such a short game.
You understand how horror works and that shows. It would be awesome if we ever saw a full game like this and I would happily buy it!
I wish you the best for you next projects!


Thank you for the kind words!