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space travel is going to turn into boring f_____g work where the shifts last years and years.

Did you ever listen to stories about deep sea criminals? Its social and labor and tech issues in space, but today. You might connect with it. nevermind, Ian is swindling money, here’s a geek with a satellite tracking the same issues:

There’s also this episode of x minus 1 to check which everyone seems to hate. But i like it for how it captures the length of time.

Thank you for getting some stresses of technology down on paper. I am glad any time I see they’re being documented and shared. Bye!


FYI Ian Urbina is scamming musicians with that Outlaw Ocean project. it's very weird


Thanks! Edited to a different source. An artist I listen to was how I heard about the issues of labor on the oceans, so I linked. Won’t anymore. I hope your day does good.

Thanks so much for the links, excited to check them out!