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Honestly, when I rated the game, I said everything I wanted to. But I need to insist, I /LOVED/ SIT.  I'm partial to Zandra, but I got attached to all of the trio. Each twist and turn had me hooked and reeling. And while the sprite art was... Definitely original and interesting, I admittedly wasn't big on it at all at first, it grew on me. I love the sprites now, they're all /so/ detailed and gorgeous. So much was done with each and every single one!


DDLC and the fact the game (excuse me--g word) was self-aware is always an aspect of games that heavily messes with me. Holy /crap/ that stuff terrifies me. And when Lolite asked me to "tell her" my actual name? Oh my God was that one Hell of a loop to be thrown for. But the game really became its own, and that was so amazing and excellent to watch. 

I'm ultra hyped for the DLC. 100% was here for the wlw/girl's love content. They're all adorable, please let them be happy.

I admittedly should've taken the content warnings a bit more solidly, but I typically can handle myself pretty well and know when I need to take minute. So that wasn't an issue at all, and 100% a me thing, not you guys.

All in all, 10/10 for this game, you all did an excellent job!! I loved it. I was thoroughly spooked but also emotionally attached & hooked.

Your words truly inspire! I'm so glad you had a great experience! And hopefully I didn't spook you too much ^^ Thanks a lot for giving the game a try, that means more to me than it may seem. Seriously, just you trying out the game is too much :D!

The DLC definitely will add much to see. Just wait on it. I'm hyped to release it too.