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There's some really engaging systems going on in this game and it has been pretty fun so far, but I feel there's also a few areas that don't quite feel polished enough-if I were to be nitpicky.

The effects/artifacts are a real strong part of combat and I like what they add to it, alongside the relative frequency of 'instant' attacks vs normal attacks. Makes for some fun set-ups in battle.
Also the team of 3 feel like they really compliment each others actions in battle which helps it all come together.

Some quality-of-life/hopefully constructive suggestions:
-- Teleporting 'back to base' next to the fountain and needing to use it feels natural, but I feel like when exiting you should be able to just use that item again to select an area. As I often felt myself not just wanting to heal up but go to the shop, having to travel from far left to far right just to get back out into the dungeon-a gameplay loop that seems like the focal point, feels too slow.
(( BUG NOTE: The second waypoint I found didn't save for me properly ))
-- Your star meter is really hard to read at a glance. It's hard for me to tell how many 'bars' the skills require. If you could alternate each segment of the star with yellow/white/yellow/white etc, or something similar, it would really help with that. Because it's something I was always trying to look at it impacted the experience for me quite a bit.
-- The stars in front of enemy hearts, for the boss-ish enemies etc, both look awkward and detract from some of the strategy/readability of the battle. Most noteworth is when I'm using the character that can strike down a whole heart guage, I couldn't tell how much of the enemies heart had been damaged yet behind the star. Something still obvious but not as 'in the way' would be really appreciated.
-- One of the characters deals bonuses based on whether an enemy was affected by a state or a debuff. They can be pretty hard to interpret the difference of, so it'd be really nice if you had a different border color or something to better help distinguish debuffs/states on enemies. Would make the decision of which skill to use a lot easier.
-- Not too important, but I think the very basic looking turn order gauge detracts from the rest of the 'character/style' the game has quite a bit. It feels almost out of place compared to the elements, especially with things like the 'stamina' gauge been represented by a star, etc. It would be nice if it were a bit more striking in appearance, even just some extra contrast for the boxes would be nice.
-- I do prefer 'on screen enemies' that I can target/avoid, but I do like how you've made more prominent battles have on-map battlers so can be more prepared for them. This helps alleviate what I know is super personal preference a bit.

Overall it still presents a pretty fun battle system, especially when thinking of how the combat/effects/artifacts may evolve alongside the enemies later on. Nothing super engaging world/character wise yet, but the dialog as still added more character than a generic 'you go kill enemies on x through x floor' while alluding to more development. So I'm looking forward to seeing this all grow more :D


Thanks for taking the time to play through this demo and write such a comprehensive reply!
Glad to hear the concept remains a promising idea and you can be certain we will be taking the new quality of life suggestions and feedback into account going back and fixing the demo, as well as implementing the new content!