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help. can't even press the star button

I'm very sorry to hear that, Leila.

Could you describe more about the situation?

AAAAh okay, I really want to play but I can't! I've installed it and whenever I go to click the start button, nothing happens. I go to click any button with the mouse, and nothing happens.  try mashing buttons on my keyboard and nothing happens. I've tried installing and re-installing, installing the second file(?) and it really just won't start the game at all. I know this is game is a WIP but have others had this problem too?

I see. We have received similar reports. But we can't offer any solutions so far.  I'll add a message here if we figure it out in the future.

Again I'm very sorry it doesn't work for you right now. : (

Don't worry about it, hopefully it will work for me later. Keep up the good work :)