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Hey man can you make a remastered version of this game?

Because i really like your work,and you do great horror games that when i see videos

even on the start im scared lol.

If you're satisfied and don't want to update,thats ok.

Ah, well I don't really think I need to remaster this game just yet, as there isn't much I can do to improve the overall graphic and gameplay qualities. But I'm sure I will eventually remaster it if I seriously improve my modeling skills one day. The only games I see that could be remastered or recreated are really old games of mine, y'know games like Scooby Horror 2 or Dora is Dead. And maybe recreate games like Desperate Escape or The Explorers in 3D. But if I were to update this game with something new, I'd probably do that sometime in the future if I feel like it could use some improvements.