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There's a complex infinite that can be done with Alisa w/Uppercut. Here's how I do it in the most basic form I can put to words

  • Launch an opponent to the air with her special
  • Combo them in the air with "Light, Medium, Heavy, Summon"
  • While the summon suspends them in air, combo them in air with "Light, Medium, Light, Medium" while you land
  • Her special meter resets when you hit the ground, allowing you to launch them again with her special
  • While they are in the air this time, you only combo them in the air with "Light, Medium, Light, Medium" while you land
  • Repeat

This combo is insane but unfortunately, it's an infinite so something has to happen.

You're right, Alisa's first gravity icon recovers a bit too quickly. Thanks for pointing this out!

Glad to help