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I REMEMBERED THIS GAME, THEN IT MADE ME THINK OF ANOTHER OLD GAME (I only remembered it saying "cocoa farm" but its fineeeeeee) called rescue on cocoa farm, which was a flash game, I'M SO GLAD THIS ISN'T A FLASH GAME THAT WOULD BE LOST FOREVER, because its just that good of a game, that I managed to remember playing a few years ago, (and I beat it then too) and i know this game is sort of old, but make more fun games like theseeeeeee
by the way, i know the other game i mentioned had nothing to do with this one, but i had to mention the fact that all the flash games were the good games, (which luckily they are making some flash games into the HTML ones, so some are still playable luckily) but im still glad that these games are not flash, otherwise people will never be able to experience the games like these (i know, long paragraph, and when you try to think of other things to say, you end up repeating a thing or two in the end)