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Hello, I absolutely loved your game. It was one of the best I have played in a while. I will upload a 4 part series but here is the first part. I had great fun playing through the entire game. It's completely original and something I have never seen before. Would there ever perhaps be a sequel to this game?

Hey there, I'm pleased to hear you've enjoying it so far :3
The sequel is probably not going to happen, but I'm working on 1.1 update though. It'll include bug fixes, several changes to the puzzles and a few more levels.

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A few more days we would have to complete? That would be awesome though I don't know where you could take it next. And yeah I absolutley loved the game. Most fun I had in a while

I can't give you any exact deadlines at the moment. I'll publish it when I'm sure it's polished enough. Stay tuned!