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I'd throw away an alarm clock that can't be turned off. Absolutely useless thing :)

I can't give you any exact deadlines at the moment. I'll publish it when I'm sure it's polished enough. Stay tuned!

Hey there, I'm pleased to hear you've enjoying it so far :3
The sequel is probably not going to happen, but I'm working on 1.1 update though. It'll include bug fixes, several changes to the puzzles and a few more levels.

Currently I'm working on a little something called "Impromptu Fortune Telling" (the name's WIP). It's in early stages of development, so I can't really show anything right now.

Thank you for your gameplay video, by the way! I'm happy you've had a good time :3

Can't recommend something in particular, you may want to check out game tags. Itch is full of interesting indies and I'm sure you'll find something like this :)

Sure, I love game making. "Games like this" is a very broad concept though and I'm not sure what you mean by that. I love games with deep meaning and rich story and I'd love to make more, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the only kind of games I can make. I want to leave some room for experiments too.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The story was written by me :)

The music's really beautiful and you totally should check out Kai Engel's Bandcamp. I'm sure you'll find several albums that you'll like too!

(Also, you appear to have misspelled agoraphobia in the video title. Or is that intentional?)

Hey, thanks for the video! I'm sorry you found some parts of the game frustrating. It was built within a month and it clearly could use some polishing (*cough* the alarm clock *cough*). I have a new build ready with most of the issues resolved and I'll publish it when the jam's voting is over.

Please don't blame the characters for bad wording: they're just teenagers who can't conjugate verbs (the newspaper guy's just unqualified though) :D

Hey Sebastian, thank you so much for the response and especially the article. I loved it to bits, I even caught myself smiling for a minute while reading it :)
It always warms my heart a little when someone describes their experience. I'm happy you found it worthy <3

Hey, can you ping me at I need some info about your OS and PC to understand what's going wrong.

Hey Brandon! Thank you so much for reviewing this :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though this is not the kind of games you usually play on your channel

Thank you for your support and such kind words :)

I'm glad it resonated with you, thanks!

Well fun is subjective, so it's okay :)

Thank you for your review and time to play this! I really appreciate it :)