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i cant swing


Please explain how you are trying to swing because it's probably an issue of not knowing how

Why not just explain to them how to swing? probably would make things faster than asking them to explain it and then you inevitably correct them anyways.

Because as a developer I need to know why they're confused so I can explain it better in-game

Sure but if they don't even have an explanation of how it works then they're just going to tell you something like "I clicked M1 and M2 like your page said but nothing happened", to which then you'll inevitably tell them how to do it no? No offense but your game's page doesn't say anything about controls to specifically web sling. In fact nowhere in the game page does "web sling" even appear so I'm not surprised they didn't get how to do it since they don't have much instruction on how to get it done. Just my 2 cents so you didn't waste time that's all nothing more.

Fair enough

But could you please explain how because i cant really get it to work eithe

alright so jump off a ledge then shoot the web at a nearby building while you're falling