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Thanks a lot for the help man I got it working. Really beautiful game and I'm really interested in how much it'll evolve and progress the more you work on it!

Glad to hear it. Tried to find the download in the itchio client but couldn't so ended up uninstalling the build I had in hopes clicking "Install" would show me the non VR version but now it seems I can't download it anymore lol.  This game eludes me with every try haha. Checked another post so I did sign up for the mailing list so I guess I'll eventually get it right? time to play the waiting game.

That's awesome dude I really appreciate it! can't wait!

Good to know! I'm just looking  forward to what you end up making next.

I'm sad it was so short. This was actually really fun to play!

Pretty spooky! I set it to admin, but Oculus just keeps opening up! :O

Awesome dude! thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I tried looking for Oculus Runtime Service in my Task Manager and System Tray but was unsuccessful. I do have the headset updated so I guess that doesn't seem to be the issue. I'll just be patient and hopefully if you do end up fixing the issue you can reply back here so I can get notified so I can jump in on this game Thanks again for the reply!

Title says it all. Whenever I try to open the game, my Oculus app opens up, then after a minute or two I get that mini window that let's you mess with settings before you click play. Once I click play, a window opens up to nothing but grey and the game never starts. Any reason for this at all? I don't want to play the game on VR but for some reason I get the feeling the game is opening the app because the game will show up if I use the headset maybe. Hope this isn't the case as I'd hate to have to disconnect/reconnect my hardware for this game so hope someone has help to give.

Fell in love with this game while doingt this video! can't wait to play it when it's released! please don't stop creating this was FANTASTIC!

Saw this myself and now I want to go make a video for it myself. How wonderful this game looks <3

What an incredible and short journey crafted here. I fell in love with it.

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Loved this game so much I decided to make a video about it's demo. Hope you guys check it out and enjoy and consider sharing it around!

Really liked this game a lot so I made a video about it. Hope you guys enjoy it and can't wait for the full release of this game!:

This was truly an inspirational and beautiful exploration game that I felt compelled to make a video about it, so I did along with some other games to talk about the joys of exploration in video games. I'm so glad this game exists and I can't wait to see what else you make in the future!

ended up making a video with this game being the first one on the list! really enjoyed the exploration and I hope you make more cool and unique experiences like this one in the future!

Love this game and it's concept of exploration! ended up making a video about it and another game because of it's uniqueness. Hope you give it a watch and enjoy it :)