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Have you considered adding Dungleon’s “+” hint for “yes, this is an F, but there are also more Fs”?  Marking up the keyboard would also be nice. 

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Thanks for the feedback!  To be honest I hadn't actually gotten around to trying Dungleon myself yet... The thought of adding a hint for multiple characters never really even crossed my mind.  I'll look into that.

Getting the Wordle-style keyboard in place unfortunately got put on the back-burner for me in favor of getting other things like the pop-up victory/loss screen in place (I'm a bit of a novice with front end development, these things all took me longer to figure out than expected).  I ended up running out of the free time I thought I had before the jam ends.  It's definitely my top priority though for my next update, hopefully I'll have it implemented in the next week or so.

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!