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Any updates coming to fix dead engine? Only one engine works. Controls reversed. 

Can you let us know which controls are reversed ?

Yes I will do a complete test again and report back.  

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Animation of elevator is reversed. Function is correct however. Main problem one ENGINE (left) doesn't work. that makes the airplane pull to the left. that makes it almost imposable to land.  You should base this A-10 on the CJ-4 flight config. mush closer. This airplane deserves more work. when your Aircraft are  flight configured better they are good. this is why I wont buy the SC Designs F-16 because I made your F-16 fly really nice same with your F-35. When you Use Diamond Flight configure data the Aircraft take off to easy because they are too lite. I just take your numbers and make the plane weight higher. Doing that makes your aircraft take off and land at higher speed more like a fighter should . 

My formula For your F-16 (for example) is: Flight Model empty_weight =8990  wing_span   =32    wing_area   =386     Engines : static_thrust=25600   This makes your F-16 Take off and land  at about 115 Knots and it will do Mach 1.3 plus. I put in the F-18 sound so it does a sonic boom on a fly by. its really cool! I did the same thing with the F-35 so it flys more the NAVY C Model which I prefer. The A-10 is probably closer to a big business  jet with short wings but a real A-10 pilot would probably laugh at me for thinking that. This may seem like a lot but want to help.

You can compete with more expensive planes because many of us don't want to pay $35 for aircraft. I take your Jet Fighters seriously because they deserve it.  I believe this A-10 is going to be another good plane. Just a little more work on the panel, maybe a HUD and just fix the Left engine. THANK YOU! Keep up the good work!

PS I enjoy the F-117 and SR-71 as well