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Yes have seen those awesome videos and subscribed ! Thanks for sharing those !

Some mods need updating after SU5, this might be one of them that hasn't been updated. Will reply here after it's updated.

Awesome ! Out of curiosity, is that your video ?

There's a B29 on the backlog -

hey mate 

Great ideas we will put it on our roadmap of ideas. Also here you can vote on what we do next  

hey @rogue1 thanks for the feedback. We wil look into for you but in the mean time look at the engines config and bump up the horse power and rpm values

It’s a hack but you will increase your speed. Make sure to restart the game else you won’t see your changes reflected. Just keep in mind that when you do this your flight model will become unstable so you can tune the aerodynamics etc. But give it a shot and let us know how you go 

Thanks for your support too !

Just updated Mario Kart so that smoke trail is only triggered with flap key. Enjoy !

Definitely happy for the mod in that way and would be great if you can credit / link back here for it. Please share the video if / when you can :-)

Hey not a  dumb question at all ! I just tested it and it does look like that version wasn't able to take off for some reason. I updated the flight model and re-uploaded it so try that out and let me know if you still can' take off. 

There's no cockpit view visible but should be fine for screenshots / videos of it externally.

Link to test flight video I took:

Ah yes, that one. Thanks !

That’s a great pic! Look at that altitude, it’s a little over what is possible 😅 check out the flightmodel.CFG file to set it if you keen. 

Cool. Not sure how if Blender supports that file format but will add to the list to have a look at.

Thanks for the support ! That's pretty cool. Chances would be higher if you can find a link to a freely available 3D model for it :-)

That's pretty cool. Chances would be higher if you can find a link to a freely available 3D model for it :-)

Thanks for your support too !

Sorry looks like the initial upload didn't work. Have re-uploaded here (ie "For Fun"). Should be "Sci-Fi" really but that is getting way too crowded :-)

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Sorry but I don't actually know what that is or what it does :-) Can you point to an existing plane that has it and tell us briefly what it does ?

Thanks for your patience and your support too !

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And just to compare, do you see the blur as well with the F-4 ?

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Out of curiosity, is it more blurred and pixelated compared to what I see in this video as example ? 

If so, are you able to share some video showing the issue ? Thanks !

it’s on the to do list! 

Hi,  these are mods we've made to be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator. More info about how to add them on our site here -

that’s something you don’t see everyday ! Glad you like it 

Not familiar with that show but have you tried the UFO looking craft we have "Jupiter2" in Sci-Fi ? - test flight video -

Engines are already started for me when I spawn on the runway - eg below. It's not already on for you ?

We just released an update for the F-16 -

Let us know if you still have these issues after the update.

Thanks mate, just tried them and seems to be working fine, great job! We have already repacked the project so they are now included 

Electronics turning off at 4 min mark is a reported issue that we can replicate and looks like we might have a fix soon from

That's awesome ! Loving the community improving on our janky mods :-) Feel free to zip and send to us at and we'll try it out and incorporate into our next update !

👍 now to make it Mach 6 and stable 

Thanks mate for the kind words! 

Glad to know it works now ! Will update the Mod Troubleshooting tips page with that tip :-)

Wonder if your Community folder might not be right. You've checked the folder location against what is shown in "Tools, Virtual File System, Watch Bases" ? What I see for mine as example (I installed in custom location) - - video of someone showing how to find it -

Can you try installing any of our other planes to see if you have issues getting them to appear ? 

That's strange.  Do other mods (from us or other sites) show up for you ?

The F-16 with gear and throttle and more has landed !

We just updated the F-16.  Let us know if you have any issues accessing it.

The ContentInfo folder should be fine. Is your folder structure "\Community\flightsimsquadron-f16\SimObjects\Airplanes\F16" ? 

Hey, try checking the folder to ensure it shows the contents and not another folder with same name eg

More troubleshooting tips here -

We're also improving the F-16 and will be updating it very soon.