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In the chase scene, the one who chases you is like way too fast. I've seen a gameplay video where they seem to be much slower, so wondering, is there a difference between the and steam version? Like seriously, with that speed of the chaser, I can get like maybe 1 or 2 switches at best, but it looks like there's 10 or so of them. A bummer, since I wanted to play it till the end.

EDIT: Ok, found the fix now. Was caused by playing the game on a high-refresh rate display (120 Hz). After setting "Sync Monitor FPS" to "On" from the game options, it worked fine on the high-refresh rate display as well. This still sucks and that option should have been either set to "On" on default, or there should have been some notice regarding that.

RPGmaker likes to completely break when the refresh rate isn't "normal". I'm not sure if there is a way to bypass this or to turn on that setting by default. I'll take the blame for not knowing how to code a solution tho. Hope you still enjoyed the game.