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Hi EXLuckBakaputradewa!

Yes, visual novels are rare in Indonesia that's why I'm glad to find a warm welcome here in international market >\\\< 

I have a few people asking for Indonesia translation/language added to the game, but I'm embarassed to say I'm not that good writing in Bahasa :")) English just suits me better because I've seen and played more games in English to develop my own sense of story flow. I wish there will be more Indonesians playing my game in the future though!

And thank you! I'm really happy to hear you like my art >\\\< there are rooms for improvement, so I'll do my best to level up the quality bit by bit!

Ah unfortunately I don't watch Fate/Stay Night so I don't know the similarties @@ I'll check it out if I stumbled upon it later though! 

In any case, I'm glad our accidental meeting becomes a great fun to you! I hope you enjoyed yourself thoroughly :'3

Thanks again for coming and for your kind support! I hope to see you around ~