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Hello Captive Minds! 

I just wanna say that I love the game! I like the flow of the story, it was so good! Also, I love the voice acting! I'm kind of wondering if there are multiple ending for it though. Because at the last part, there was this scene where I have to chose between Julia (wife) and Stacy, and I chose Stacy. Regardless, it was awesome and I enjoyed it very well! I hope to see the game progress and get better :)

Hey Acrxm096,

Thanks for letting us know how much you enjoyed the game! We always love hearing from fans and really appreciate it :D

So there is only one ending by design, as the twist is directly related to the outcome, but there is a couple of hidden events you can unlock prior to the finale that show you some extra story :)

We'd love to do some multiple endings in the future though so it's on our list!