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I can relate to this game completely, as I lost my 4 yr old yorkie last month, and I'm trying to deal with the pain of losing her. I want to personally thank you for making this game. 

thank you for playing! and i'm sure your pet is always beside you  and watching you from afar :')

Thanks for the note. Sorry about your loss.  Sure understand. We're dog people too.


RC & the gang

Thank you for playing! :')

hello thanks for the follow 

Thanks, I appreciate it.  I was dealing with losing my greyhound to cancer at the time this was written.  (I have just received a notification that I had a message, so I hope the 236 days ago wasn't when you actually posted it.)

Wishing you the best.

Sorry to hear that.

My plan is to finish the game in the future and in the end the dog will met his family.. happy ending.

Hope you find your dog soon.

I would like to spread my condolences to you on your loss. I would also like to apologize for this very late reply. I am glad to know that you have played one of my games. Thank you so much.