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Here's another unusual creature I made:

This creature has made a very questionable decision during evolution: Inward-pointing Eater zooids? Ones that fire Mines, no less?! This rather strange adaptation allows it to uh... whatever this is supposed to achieve (a minefield, maybe? But...why in this fashion?!).

A lot of further research will need to be done on this peculiar specimen...

Further Research Notes:

1. It definitely seems that this creature is utilizing this strange adaptation as a way of distributing mines unevenly, or perhaps it's something to do with the way it's "storing" the mines within itself...?

2. A breakthrough was discovered: By filling up its form with Poison Mines, enemies will most likely keep away from this creature. Behaviour of enemy creatures recorded point to this mechanism being able to effectively cause attackers to cease all actions and flee...

3. Man, if only I could test this thing against the Advena Boss! That thing was already freaked out by poison mines!