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I have noticed this effect for quite awhile now (one of the first creatures I posted here makes use of that concept!). In the meanwhile, have an image of a creature I made a while back that is probably the most risky-looking thing to use this concept:

A basically exposed rear and only a 1-structure-zooid-thick support for the spiky wall of death? It's no wonder that this thing once tore itself in half from the sheer force generated by the pushers and a single enemy spike clipping through the wall! Thankfully, it has only done this once, and that aside, the wall of spikes make very short work of whatever unfortunate creature lies in its path.

On a side note: you're not the only one around here who likes the Claws/Pincers. They are honestly quite overpowered! Oh well, makes it all the more easier to get to Free Roam!


Yes, pincers work nicely in close combat when placed together, I guess they deal more damage for that exact reason - you have to go into close combat to use them, alternatively to most other weapons. So it's damage is quite reasonable. First rule of pincers club - never say they are op *cough-cough*


Ooh, gotcha. They'll need balancing eventually anyway *cough*

Yea, claws do have their downsides that balance it out; mainly being the fact that they're strictly close-range, which means any creature that's able to out-maneuver and out-range you will be more than just a "little annoyance".